DWJukebox: Time to say goodbye...

A hacker decided to muck around in our site to use it to spam people. The damage was extensive and at this point I am not going to repair it.

DWJukebox was a labor of love for years. It arose from the complete lack of DOS-based jukebox simulators. I showed a screenshot of it and someone asked for a copy, and the project spiraled on, growing to support Windows, custom skins, custom controls... quite possibly the most adaptive jukebox software.

However, it has not been the most up-to-date software. DOS has been left behind by all but the biggest die-hards. The libraries I had to use to support both DOS and Windows are ancient and no longer supported. I no longer even have a functioning development environment for it.

So this is the end of the road. It is time to stop fooling myself that I will ever get back to this project and give it the massive amount of work (basically, starting over from scratch) that it would take to bring it up to modern standards.

Thank you all for the support over the years, especially Brian and LHUPA.


If you still need some of these files:

More skins may be added if I can get them reorganized.