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The future of DWJukebox

It has been a few years since DWJukebox has last been updated.  It is not dead, but has definitely been in hibernation. I’m at a point where adding most of the new features I want to add will require an overhaul of the entire system.  The underlying library that powers most of the jukebox, Allegro, […]

Skin: Radiojuk

Screenshot for Skin: Radiojuk

Designer: Brian Dermody

Type: Singles

A beautiful widescreen skin based on an antique German radio.  Includes a startup sound of a German shortwave radio station.

Skin: PhotoSkin

Screenshot for Skin: PhotoSkin

Designer: Brian Dermody

Type: Singles

A classic jukebox acts as a frame around a pair of alternating photos. The center photo display is designed to be replaced by your own favorite two photos, which will alternate once a minute; just copy your photos into the skin folder as pic1 and pic2. The sign at the top and the “dwjukebox” ad […]

Skin: SBM100

Screenshot for Skin: SBM100

Designer: dbeeks1

Type: Singles

This classic skin is based off of the design of the Seeburg M-100 C; it includes a full set of touchscreen buttons.  It requires the Hound Dog Sound Pack.  You can see this excellent skin in action on a beautiful handmade jukebox cabinet in the forum.

Skin: WoodCab Box

Screenshot for Skin: WoodCab Box

Designer: Eric Bateman and Bob

Type: Singles

This skin, originally based on Eric Bateman’s Neon Box layout, was modified by Bob of Pinball Nirvana.  It has some additional buttons added, including an on-screen Exit button which is a rarity among DWJukebox skins.

Skin: Neon Box

Screenshot for Skin: Neon Box

Designer: Eric Bateman

Type: Singles

With 64 selections available at once, this high-density skin really works best at resolutions of 1024×768 and above, so my standard 800×600 screenshot really doesn’t do it justice.

Skin: Metal Box

Screenshot for Skin: Metal Box

Designer: Eric Bateman

Type: Album

A lost entry in Eric Bateman’s “Box” series.  I had attempted to upload this ages ago but the original file was corrupted.  I’ve located a good copy of it, so here it is, only a few years late!  The almost post-modern monochrome design really allows the album covers to “pop”.

Skin: Astral

Screenshot for Skin: Astral


Type: singles

Another skin I have been sitting on for far too long.  LHUPA designed this skin to use Futura Bold as the font, but unfortunately I do not have a redistributable version of that font.  If you have Futura I strongly recommend editing the Fonts section of the skin to use the designer’s planned font.  Astral’s […]

Skin: LHUPATECH Schenectady

Screenshot for Skin: LHUPATECH Schenectady


Type: singles

I’ve been sitting on this beautiful skin for some time now.  LHUPATECH specializes in high-resolution backgrounds with textures that really require a lossless presentation, and when this skin was first submitted to me it weighed in at 20 megabytes.  With DWJ 3.41’s ability to use PNG files I can finally present this skin to you. […]

How do I create a skin?

Ever wonder how the skins in the Skin Gallery get created?  Unfortunately, there is no “skin designer” tool, as I have put all my programming time into the jukebox itself, but that doesn’t mean creating a skin is difficult!  I’ve posted a complete Skin Creation Tutorial in the Support Forum that describes the process from start to […]