How do I create a skin?

Ever wonder how the skins in the Skin Gallery get created?  Unfortunately, there is no “skin designer” tool, as I have put all my programming time into the jukebox itself, but that doesn’t mean creating a skin is difficult!  I’ve posted a complete Skin Creation Tutorial in the Support Forum that describes the process from start to […]

My mouse isn’t working. I’m using Vista, Windows 2000, or Windows 98.

The touchscreen support in the Windows XP mouse driver, unfortunately, prevents the mouse from working in other operating systems.  To solve this problem, rename alleg42.dll to alleg42-xp.dll and rename alleg42-98.dll to alleg42.dll to activate the mouse driver without touchscreen support.

Why continue to support DOS?

One of the last useful uses of DOS is as an operating system for embedded applications such as a MAME cabinet or a dedicated jukebox. DOS loads quickly, is stable, and is supported by MAME.  It does not multitask, which is a benefit in an emulation environment where every machine cycle counts. It also will […]