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Older versions available for download

Did something break on you after the last update? Selected older versions are now available for download. A big thank you to Saint from Build Your Own Arcade Controls for providing the webspace for these older versions.

Bad DOSCab 3.1.1 build

Somehow the build of DOSCab 3.1.1 was bad, causing the sound cache to become corrupted. WinCab 3.1.1 was not affected. I have uploaded a replacement DOSCab 3.1.1; if your copy of DOSCab.exe has a build date of September 13, please download the latest DOSCab.exe. I apologize for the inconvenience. In addition, the download prior to […]

Bugs in DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1

Some huge bugs are showing up early… things that I know were tested and working somehow got broken before release. The biggest and most obvious is that BTN_PAUSE no longer works. You may want to hold off on downloading this until I can get fix these bugs later tonight.

Official support forums open!

John St. Clair of Build Your Own Arcade Controls has generously create a support forum for DOSCab and WinCab Jukebox! Thank you, Saint!

Rough documentation for Version 3.0 Beta 5 has been released!

At long last, I have written some quick documentation to replace the horridly out-of-date documentation for version 2.41 that is still packaged with the beta! These docs are in a plain text format that is a bit difficult to read; the final version will include nice HTML documentation. But this is a start. The best […]