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DWJukebox 3.4 Released

DWJukebox 3.4 has been released.  This version includes discrete command buttons (On/Off commands as opposed to simple toggles) for most toggleable features for ease of use with remote controls.  In addition, a new User Timers feature has been added for skins; look for upcoming blog articles to describe how this new feature works.  In addition, new […]

DWJukebox 3.3.2 Released

DWJukebox 3.3.2 has been released after a far-too-long delay. The changes in this version are: Added BTN_COMINGUPSCROLL to page through the Coming Up list. Added RunawayLimiter to [Index] section of JUKEBOX.INI Added ignore file support. Any folder containing a “dwj.ign” or “dwjukebox.ign” file will be ignored when searching for songs. The actual content of the […]

DWJukebox 3.3.1 Released

DWJukebox 3.3.1 has been released. This is just a bugfix release.  The changes in this version are: Changed skin change to remember the page that skin was last on. Fixed autoflip during screen saver. Fixed GUI movement on album skins. Fixed NEXTALPHA/PREVALPHA and alpha jumps. Fixed crashes related to Display5 (Album cover display). Fixed alpha […]

DWJukebox 3.3 Released

DWJukebox 3.3 has been released; you can get it from the DWJukebox Download Page. This version adds three new screensaver options including the much-requested Slideshow, a display for the album cover of the currently playing song, a transparent titlestrip option, a new skin with art by Game Creature, and more.  This version should also be […]

DWJukebox 3.2.1 Released

I had a couple of minor bugfixes to make, resulting in version 3.2.1.  The additional fixes and features are: Added IconFocusBoxThickness to [Display] section of JUKEBOX.INI. Added TrackFocusBoxThickness to [Display] section of JUKEBOX.INI. Fixed a bug that prevented BTN_SKIN_NEXT and BTN_SKIN_PREV from working from a clickable icon. Fixed a bug decoding some Unicode strings. As […]

DWJukebox 3.2 Released

DWJukebox 3.2 has been released.  This is the last release planned for the Version 3.x series unless bug fixes are needed.  From here, work starts on version 4.0, which will bring even more flexibility including much more flexible and user-definable displays, animations, icons that can change appearance based on a value and not just a […]

DWJukebox 3.1.5 Released

DWJukebox 3.1.5 had been released.  No major new features in this one, but a few little ones and some bugfixes.  The only feature really of note that has been added is the ability to map mouse buttons to jukebox controls.  Of course, mouse button 1 always runs the user interface, so it ordinarily should never […]

DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.4 Released

 Changes for this version are: Added MSG_QUEUEFULL. Added MSG_SELECTNG. Added MSG_SELECTIONREADY. Added BTN_TOPTUNE. Added automatic timed page flips. Added settings FirstAutoFlipTimer and AutoFlipTimer to support timed page flips. Added CMD_NEXTPG and CMD_PREVPG to support timed page flips. Added SkipLetterA, SkipLetterB, SkipNumber1, SkipNumber2, etc. to [Selection] section in skins. Added LetterASymbol, LetterBSymbol, Number1Symbol, Number2Symbol, etc. to […]

DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.3 Released

This release fixes a number of newer features that had some small bugs in them: CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys can once again be mapped as controls, and problems with UseTrackZero were fixed for classic style skins. Track handling for large albums has also been improved; no longer will a small chunk of an album […]

DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.1 Released

This is mostly a bugfix release, however there are a couple of small new features. Changes in this release include: Added BTN_SKIPLAST to delete the last song in the queue. Note that you cannot skip the currently playing song this way. Added SkipLastTimeLimit setting to [Settings] section of jukebox.ini to control BTN_SKIPLAST. Added MSG_SKIPLASTOK to […]