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DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1 Released

This release brings the largest number of changes in any one release. Note that the DLLs have changed in this version, so simply installing the updated EXE is not enough to get a working installation. The default installation is set up for DOS and Windows XP. If you are using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows […]

DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.0 Beta 11 Released

Finally, the first official release in over a year! Changes since the last release are: Added control over screen saver song info display; the size, color, and number of lines displayed can now be set, Added control over color ranges used by screensaver. Fixed bug where credits display wasn’t updating after a random song was […]

WinCab 3.0 Beta 10 Preview Release

I’m still squishing some bugs in the DOS version, but I wanted to get the Windows version into peoples’ hands so I can shake the rest of the bugs out. This update includes just the WINCAB.EXE executable; you can download the preview executable here. Here is the change list for beta 10 (this includes the […]

Version 3.0 Beta 8 has been released!

Beta 8 has now been released. Lots of little fixes and tweaks in this one. The main new features in this release are: More CD-style skins included. Try CD2-1 or CD4-3 on lower resolution displays. Sound events are now supported in skins. Simply add a [Sounds] section to your favorite skin and point an event […]

Another Minor update to beta 7

The version of Beta 7 available here prior to May 3ist 2005 12:55 AM EDT had some serious selection bugs at lower resolutions. This is separate from the earlier bug that caused the artist name to appear too high on the default skin. Both of these bugs have been corrected in the version now available […]

Version 3.0 Beta 7 has been released!

Beta 7 has now been released. New features in this release are: CD-style skins are now supported! Set your skin to cd4-1.skn and take a look! Rudimentary support for MIDI and MIDI-Karaoke (.MID and .KAR) files. The files will play, but time, title and album information are not properly extracted yet. Added BTN_NEXTALPHA and BTN_PREVALPHA […]

Version 3.0 Beta 6 has been released!

Beta 6 has now been released. New features in this release are: Screensaver A new RANDOM button Label locations in skins can now be set by simply defining a grid rather than specifying the location of each label Two new skins submitted by Craig Westbrook and Bryce Jeannotte As of this version, version 2.41 is […]

Version 3.0 Beta 5 has been released!

The purpose of this release is to test a major bug fix. Many of you have been experiencing random crashes over a period of time, or perhaps crashes after playing specific MP3 files. I’ve suspected that these are “bad” MP3 files where the last frame has an incorrect size, causing the decoder to read past […]

Version 3.0 Beta 4 has been released!

Again, very little new here, just a couple of bug fixes. The 0 in the upper left hand corner was a debug flag; that’s been removed. A couple of selection bugs were also fixed. The biggest change of note is that the JUKEBOX.INI option formerly knows as ‘4ButtonPanel’ is now called ‘AlphaToggle’, since panels are […]

Version 3.0 Beta 3 has been released!

There is really very little difference between this version and Beta 1. A major bug regarding rotated orientations for non-square skins was fixed, and the debug log can now be turned on and off on the jukebox.ini file with up to five levels of devugging information. Please note that the executable names have changed in […]