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Skin: Radiojuk

Screenshot for Skin: Radiojuk

Designer: Brian Dermody

Type: Singles

A beautiful widescreen skin based on an antique German radio.  Includes a startup sound of a German shortwave radio station.

Skin: PhotoSkin

Screenshot for Skin: PhotoSkin

Designer: Brian Dermody

Type: Singles

A classic jukebox acts as a frame around a pair of alternating photos. The center photo display is designed to be replaced by your own favorite two photos, which will alternate once a minute; just copy your photos into the skin folder as pic1 and pic2. The sign at the top and the “dwjukebox” ad […]

Skin: SBM100

Screenshot for Skin: SBM100

Designer: dbeeks1

Type: Singles

This classic skin is based off of the design of the Seeburg M-100 C; it includes a full set of touchscreen buttons.  It requires the Hound Dog Sound Pack.  You can see this excellent skin in action on a beautiful handmade jukebox cabinet in the forum.

Skin: WoodCab Box

Screenshot for Skin: WoodCab Box

Designer: Eric Bateman and Bob

Type: Singles

This skin, originally based on Eric Bateman’s Neon Box layout, was modified by Bob of Pinball Nirvana.  It has some additional buttons added, including an on-screen Exit button which is a rarity among DWJukebox skins.

Skin: Neon Box

Screenshot for Skin: Neon Box

Designer: Eric Bateman

Type: Singles

With 64 selections available at once, this high-density skin really works best at resolutions of 1024×768 and above, so my standard 800×600 screenshot really doesn’t do it justice.

Skin: Metal Box

Screenshot for Skin: Metal Box

Designer: Eric Bateman

Type: Album

A lost entry in Eric Bateman’s “Box” series.  I had attempted to upload this ages ago but the original file was corrupted.  I’ve located a good copy of it, so here it is, only a few years late!  The almost post-modern monochrome design really allows the album covers to “pop”.

Skin: Astral

Screenshot for Skin: Astral


Type: singles

Another skin I have been sitting on for far too long.  LHUPA designed this skin to use Futura Bold as the font, but unfortunately I do not have a redistributable version of that font.  If you have Futura I strongly recommend editing the Fonts section of the skin to use the designer’s planned font.  Astral’s […]

Skin: LHUPATECH Schenectady

Screenshot for Skin: LHUPATECH Schenectady


Type: singles

I’ve been sitting on this beautiful skin for some time now.  LHUPATECH specializes in high-resolution backgrounds with textures that really require a lossless presentation, and when this skin was first submitted to me it weighed in at 20 megabytes.  With DWJ 3.41’s ability to use PNG files I can finally present this skin to you. […]


Screenshot for Skin: LCARS

Designer: Ben Johnson

Type: Singles

An unusual departure, this skin replicates the LCARS interface used on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Designed by Ben Johnson, I have taken the liberty of modifying the skin to add indicators for modes such as Radio, Loop, etc., plus used the new User Timers function to implement some “blinkies”. This skin requires version 3.4.1 […]

Skin: Wurly Numeric

Screenshot for Skin: Wurly Numeric

Designer: Hound Dog

Type: Singles

This is a modification of Hound Dog’s wonderful Wurly skin, set up to use numeric input rather than alphanumeric. This makes it ideal for use with a media center PC attached to a 1080p HDTV (use aspect ratio 16:10 for best results) and controlled via a remote control. This wide-screen skin based on a Wurlitzer […]