DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.1 Released

This is mostly a bugfix release, however there are a couple of small new features.

Changes in this release include:

  • Added BTN_SKIPLAST to delete the last song in the queue. Note that you cannot skip the currently playing song this way.
  • Added SkipLastTimeLimit setting to [Settings] section of jukebox.ini to control BTN_SKIPLAST.
  • Added MSG_SKIPLASTOK to indicate when it’s OK to skip the last song in the queue.
  • Added IncrementalCreditDelay to [Timers] section in skin; when non-zero, credits are added one at a time with the specified number of hundredths of a second between them.
  • Added MSG_ADDINGCREDITS to indicate that credits are being added; this message is not sent when IncrementalCreditDelay is disabled.
  • Added MQ_MSG_ADDEDCREDIT to indicate that a credit has been added. It will fire once for all credits on a coin if IncrementalCreditDelay is disabled, otherwise it will fire once as each credit is added and unset a short time later.
  • Added CMD-ADDCREDIT message to tell the jukebox to add a credit. CMD_ messages do not come in pairs like BTN_ and MSG_ messages; there is no “unset” for a CMD message.
  • Added a deferred credit counter; if another coin is inserted before all credits are added, the additional credits are deferred until the first credits are all loaded.
  • Added case support for Title, Artist and Album font contexts.
  • Fixed backward compatibility for font settings. If the Font setting in the [Titlestrips] section of a skin is present, the [Fonts] section will be ignored.
  • Fixed BTN_PAUSE.
  • Fixed AllowSelectFullCD=False.
  • Cleaned up coin sound effect.
  • Changed Unicode character sorting to use ASCII equivalents.
  • Changed random song selector to not select songs that are duplicates of those in the queue if duplicates are disabled.

Please read the installation information in the announcement for version 3.1 below regarding DLL changes. I hope you enjoy this release; please feel free to send me any bug reports, feedback, or excess sums of money that you have lying around.