DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.3 Released

This release fixes a number of newer features that had some small bugs in them: CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys can once again be mapped as controls, and problems with UseTrackZero were fixed for classic style skins. Track handling for large albums has also been improved; no longer will a small chunk of an album appear as being by a different artist, and if only one or two tracks would remain on a split album, the tracks will now be divided more evenly.

An additional command button, BTN_PLAYSTIMULATOR, has also been added to toggle the play stimulator function on and off, and MSG_PLAYSTIMULATOR was added to indicate the status of the play stimulator. Cursor movements for rotated orientations now move in the proper direction; before they always moved relative to the physical screen and not the virtual one (mouse movements are still relative to the physical screen, though). Play counts no longer increment for songs selected by the radio mode or play stimulator. Finally, a new classic-style skin has been added that uses a numeric keypad rather than a letter/number input style; you can find this as numeric.skn.

Here is the full change list for this release:

  • Added RadioMode option to [Settings] section of jukebox.ini.
  • Added BTN_PLAYSTIMULATOR to toggle the state of the play stimulator.
  • Added MSG_PLAYSTIMULATOR to indicate the status of the play stimulator.
  • Added cursor movement normalization for flipped and rotated modes.
  • Added orphan track control: if part of a split album has 1/4 or less of an album worth of tracks, some tracks will be moved from the previous portion to even them out.
  • Added numeric.skn, a version of the default skin set up for a 10-key keypad.
  • Changed play counts to not increment for songs played by radio mode or play stimulator.
  • Moved message proccessing logs to debug level 3 from level 4.
  • Fixed radio mode adding songs when enabled even if a song is playing.
  • Fixed SHIFT, ALT, CTRL, WIN, and LOCK keys.
  • Fixed arrow mouse pointer orientation for rotations 2 and 3.
  • Fixed shutdown crash in screen saver cleanup.
  • Fixed skin loader not reporting missing icon files.
  • Fixed bug causing database to be erased on a fatal error.
  • Fixed multi-part albums showing incorrect artists. Multi-part albums now look at all parts when deciding who the main artist is.
  • Fixed UseTrackZero for classic-style interfaces.
  • Fixed bug allowing selections from the next page to be selected if an out-of-range selection address is entered.