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Version 3.4.1,  5.2MB

What’s new in version 3.4 – 3.4.1


  • Fixed a minor bug in timer handling where a timer would miss a stop message if another timer had the same message as a start message.


  • Added User Timers feature for skins.
  • Added support for PNG files in skins.
  • Added support for PNG and BMP files to slideshow screensaver.
  • Added SlideInHorizontal, SlideOutHorizontal, SlideOverHorizontal, FlipHorizontal, RotateHorizontal, SlideVertical, SlideInVertical, SlideOutVertical, SlideOverVertical, FlipVertical, and RotateVertical animations.
  • Added SlideShowMaxImageSize to [ScreenSaver] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added DisplayOutputFile to [Settings] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added AnimationAcceleration to [Display] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added page change animations to vertical orientations.
  • Added additional song polls in animation process to make song play smoother during animations.
  • Added a CMD message for every BTN message.
  • Added MSG_SONGSELECTED when a song is selected by any user action rather than by radio mode or the play stimulator.
  • Added MSG_START_SKIN when a new skin is loaded.
  • Added LimitSkipLastToMostRecent setting to the [Settings] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Changed MSG_START_SKIN to be the default icon action.
  • Changed default animation speed from 30 to 20 (making page change animations 33% faster).
  • Changed BTN_COMINGUPSCROLL to loop back to the first page after going past the last page.
  • Changed condensed font to left-align rather than center if the text is too large for the titlestrip.
  • Fixed animation smoothness issues for album skins.
  • Fixed song skip during a screen shot.

What’s new in version 3.3-3.3.2


  • Added BTN_COMINGUPSCROLL to page through the Coming Up list.
  • Added RunawayLimiter to [Index] section of JUKEBOX.INI
  • Added ignore file support. Any folder containing a “dwj.ign” or “dwjukebox.ign” file will be ignored when searching for songs. The actual content of the file is irrelevant.
  • Added messages to the log file when a folder is ignored due to being below the maximum search depth.
  • Added a STRETCH option for MonitorAspectRatio.
  • Added ScreenSaverRandom to [ScreenSaver] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Changed MonitorAspectRatio to support either true ratios (4:3, etc.) or decimal equivalents.
  • Fixed a display bug with single titlestrips where the Artist would appear too lo when the condensed font was used for the title.


  • Added slideshow screensaver.
  • Added the Windows screensaver, which activates the currend default Windows screensaver.
  • Added ScreenSaver, SlideShowPath, and SlideShowInterval to [ScreenSaver] section of jukebox.ini.
  • Added CPUUsage setting to [Settings] section in jukebox.ini to control how much CPU priority the jukebox gets.
  • Added ShowKeys to [Controls] section to show what keys are being pressed.
  • Added [Display5] which displays the cover art of the song that is playing.
  • Added Transparent as a color option for titlestrips, which overrides the titlestrip image file.
  • Added AUTO as a setting for ColorDepth, Width, and Height in [Display] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added a chdir to the executable directory to allow the jukebox to run as the Windows shell and increase compatibility with front end software.
  • Added a dump of Display1 to a file called display.txt for use with LCD Smartie
  • Added skin gcretro.skn.
  • Added an album display to cd4-1.skn.
  • Changed GUI navigation to change pages when scrolling off the screen to left or right.
  • Changed focus line indent on classic-style song titlestrips.
  • Changed default value for [DisplayX] Enabled to False.
  • Changed default mappings in CONTROLS.INI.
  • Changed skin change to remember the page that skin was last on.
  • Synchronized page change button repeats with page change animation
  • Fixed autoflip during screen saver.
  • Fixed alpha jumps when sorting by album.
  • Fixed problems with slow and corrupted screenshots.
  • Fixed song stuttering on page changes.
  • Fixed page change accelleration.
  • Fixed page change animation when using mouse.
  • Fixed page change messages stacking up in the message queue.
  • Fixed BTN_NEXTALPHA and BTN_PREVALPHA to go to the first page with a new artist letter, not the first full page.
  • Fixed BTN_NEXTALPHA and BTN_PREVALPHA behavior when going through a Various Artists section.
  • Optimized calls to song poll function.

Older Versions

Download Version Size Release Date Notes
Download Version 3.3.2 5.1 MB 9 Oct 09 On the fly skin changes, slideshow screensaver, improved joystick/remote control navigation
Download Version 3.1.5 4.7 MB 4 Sep 07 Mouse buttons can be mapped as controls
Download Version 3.1.4 4.6 MB 4 Sep 07 New font handling and numerous additional features
Download Version 3.0 Beta 11 3.8 MB 17 Aug 06 Unicode fixes
Download Version 3.0 Beta 8 3.3 MB 30 Jul 05 First version with sound effects and adjustable queue sizes
Download Version 3.0 Beta 7 3.3 MB 31 May 05 First version with MIDI support
Download Version 3.0 Beta 6 2.9 MB 7 Mar 05 First version with screensaver and strip grids
Download Version 3.0 Beta 5 2.3 MB 1 Dec 04 First version with volume control
Download Version 3.0 Beta 2 2.3 MB 26 Aug 04 CD skins, ID3, skinning, rotation, TrueType, OGG, lots more
Download Version 2.41 2 MB 1 Apr 03 Required separate indexing program, no ID3 or skinning

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