DWJukebox 3.1.5 Released

DWJukebox 3.1.5 had been released.  No major new features in this one, but a few little ones and some bugfixes.  The only feature really of note that has been added is the ability to map mouse buttons to jukebox controls.  Of course, mouse button 1 always runs the user interface, so it ordinarily should never be remapped.

Here’s the full change log for this version:

  • Added a new default cover art image.
  • Added a basic internal constructed cover art image if default image is missing.
  • Added a symbol for Album sort.
  • Added an AUTO setting for DefaultArtCacheMB to allow different defaults in DOS and Windows.
  • Added ability to map mouse buttons to controls.
  • Added ColorDepth option to [Display] section of jukebox.ini.
  • Changed default art cache to 32MB in Windows. Default for DOS is still 4MB.
  • Changed random song select to only use the Random Popularity Preference setting if top quarter of songs have more than one play each.
  • Changed product name to DWJukebox.
  • Fixed crash of jukebox on invalid CD art images, including JPG files missing a JFIF header.

You can get the latest version at the download page.