DWJukebox 3.2 Released

DWJukebox 3.2 has been released.  This is the last release planned for the Version 3.x series unless bug fixes are needed.  From here, work starts on version 4.0, which will bring even more flexibility including much more flexible and user-definable displays, animations, icons that can change appearance based on a value and not just a message, definable titlestrip fields, faster indexing, and more.

The big new feature for Version 3.2 is the ability to switch skins on the fly.  Now you can list multiple skins in JUKEBOX.INI and use BTN_SKIN_PREV, BTN_SKIN_NEXT, or BTN_SKIN_1 through BTN_SKIN_10 to switch skins.

Another big feature for this version is direct jump to the first artist in a particular letter in the alphabet.  If a skin uses a numeric entry scheme, the alphabetic characters can be used to jump directly to that letter.

The full change list for this version is:

  • Added jump to alphabet when an alphabetic button pressed for skins using numeric input.
  • Added BTN_SHUFFLE.
  • Added an OrphanControl setting to jukebox.ini to allow orphan control to be disabled.
  • Added jbsansb.fnt and jbblack.fnt.
  • Added ability to change skins on the fly.
  • Added BTN_SKIN_PREV and BTN_SKIN_NEXT to step through skin list
  • Added BTN_SKIN_1 through BTN_SKIN_10 for direct access to a particular skin
  • Added NormallyOff and NormallyOn setting to icons to reverse their normal behavior.
  • Added BTN_LOOP, MSG_LOOP, and LoopMode to support the new Loop Mode.
  • Changed focus line indent and thickness on CD song titlestrips.
  • Changed format of debug log to Comma-Separated Values.
  • Fixed StrictAlbum comparisons which were not ignoring the word “The” and didn’t work properly against Unicode names.
  • Fixed a bug that caused occasional random crashes.

You can grab Version 3.2 from the download page.