DWJukebox 3.3 Released

DWJukebox 3.3 has been released; you can get it from the DWJukebox Download Page.

This version adds three new screensaver options including the much-requested Slideshow, a display for the album cover of the currently playing song, a transparent titlestrip option, a new skin with art by Game Creature, and more.  This version should also be more friendly to running as the Windows shell; no more having to copy jukebox files to the root.

There is also an experimental feature for LCD Smartie users; the contents of the Now Playing display are dumped to a file called display.txt in the jukebox’s program folder.  It’s not perfect, as the display will glitch briefly if LCD Smartie reads it at the same moment it’s being updated, but it will be replaced by better LCD support in the next version.

There is also a new feature that will allow the Windows screensaver to run.  This isn’t perfect as the sound is likely to glitch coming out of the screensaver, but it allows use of the excellent GEISS screensaver.

Another big change for joystick users is that moving off the side of the page causes the screen to scroll; this should make joystick navigation much easier!

Here is the full change list:

  • Added slideshow screensaver.
  • Added the Windows screensaver, which activates the current default Windows screensaver.
  • Added ScreenSaver, SlideShowPath, and SlideShowInterval to [ScreenSaver] section of jukebox.ini.
  • Added CPUUsage setting to [Settings] section in jukebox.ini to control how much CPU priority the jukebox gets.
  • Added ShowKeys to [Controls] section to show what keys are being pressed.
  • Added [Display5] which displays the cover art of the song that is playing.
  • Added Transparent as a color option for titlestrips, which overrides the titlestrip image file.
  • Added AUTO as a setting for ColorDepth, Width, and Height in [Display] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added a chdir to the executable directory to allow the jukebox to run as the Windows shell and increase compatibility with front end software.
  • Added a dump of Display1 to a file called display.txt for use with LCD Smartie
  • Added skin gcretro.skn.
  • Added an album display to cd4-1.skn.
  • Changed GUI navigation to change pages when scrolling off the screen to left or right.
  • Changed focus line indent on classic-style song titlestrips.
  • Changed default value for [DisplayX] Enabled to False.
  • Changed default mappings in CONTROLS.INI.
  • Synchronized page change button repeats with page change animation
  • Fixed problems with slow and corrupted screenshots.
  • Fixed song stuttering on page changes.
  • Fixed page change accelleration.
  • Fixed page change animation when using mouse.
  • Fixed page change messages stacking up in the message queue.
  • Fixed BTN_NEXTALPHA and BTN_PREVALPHA to go to the first page with a new artist letter, not the first full page.
  • Fixed BTN_NEXTALPHA and BTN_PREVALPHA behavior when going through a Various Artists section.
  • Optimized calls to song poll function.