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General Technical Support / License agreement
« Last post by frits7 on March 17, 2018, 05:02:44 PM »
Is there anything I can do to use DWJukebox on some of the jukeboxes that I hire out ? I do run commercial software but I cannot edit the song list nor add to it outside of the supplied monthly updates (encryption etc). I want to set up a couple of boxes that I can set up and maintain myself.
General Technical Support / Re: led control
« Last post by THE LONGPLAYER on March 11, 2018, 04:00:05 AM »
Hi all

I have still done nothing about lighting control but I have built a unit to simulate key presses using a good old keyboard unit.
I had the good fortune to pick up an elderly USB keyboard which in it's day had been a top of range model.  As all of you who have ever tried soldering all those wires to the controller board edge connector know, it is not easy.  The controller in this keyboard had got ribbon cable connectors soldered to the board with through pins.  I was able to de-solder and remove the connectors leaving me with holes to poke my wires through and solder up.  I then used a piece of copper strip perforated board (Veroboard) to make all of my connections for the various outputs.  I actually have 32 outputs and am at present using 25 of these.
Now  -  back to working out some lighting control

General Discussion / crackle effect
« Last post by jukejohn on March 02, 2018, 07:07:59 AM »
can dw run a crackle effect through the complete track if so how is this setup

The newest DWJ skin from LHUPATECH so called "LHUPATECH Schenectady SchenPad" especially built for tablet PC's or "TV boxes" is now available for download on the Wildenborch website as well as on this forum on the topic "New skin from LHUPATECH for Windows 8, 10* Tablet PC's (i-e TV boxes")!" in the "General Discussions" (or clicking on the topic URL link below) section of the present forum! Full description of the project with screenshots and then, all downloading links are available! - Don't hesitate to give your idea of or say what you think of!...

Topic URL link:

Have lot of fun!

Thank you so much, Wildenborch!

So, I thank hat you no longer supported any DWJ skin work from anyone! - What a good news!

I'm so glad to see my work available again for anyone on the "DWJ Planet"! What you think of this? - Some colors are darker than others and fit better in darker areas as night life use or dark rooms with poor lighting! I consider the DWJ skinning project a success and by the way the simplest DWJ skin project ever from LHUPATECH from its DWJ skinning debut in 2004! The DWJ skin project features no sound effects, no icons, no "mechanism" effects as time delays but solely a PNG background as user interface and large transparent link buttons for easier use on tablet PC so called "TV boxes"! But, I guess that you will be able to use it on any tablets or "pads" if it supports already a 1680 X 1050 display screen! Usually, tablet PC's have low "disk" space or storage possibilities and the LHUPATECH's newest DWJ skin has been built in that optic!...

Thank you again, Have fun with!!!!

General Discussion / Re: Unable to update, create or view attachments on this forum
« Last post by LHUPA on February 20, 2018, 10:28:18 PM »
Hi friends!...

Thanks to report that issue!

Wow!... Somebody else experienced the same thing as me with! So, I wrote a new topic for a new DWJ skin for tablet PC's i-e "TV boxes" and I wanted to post screenshots of my work with no success at all! It reports that it "cannot find the attachment uploading path"! After a myriad of tryouts, this resulted of the same annoying problem! Usually, I upload screenshots of my latest skin projects with success without any issues! I don't know what's goes wrong and by the way who has the control of that service (So, I think that's Chris La Mantia) but it would be appreciable that someone fixes that issue!

Good luck!

Kind regards,

thanks to both of you
skins look cool interesting like the design will have a play with skins over weekend

All the files can be downloaded here:

Thanks LHUPA!
I also got the error message when uploading attachments so I assume that attachment folder has reached its maximum size.

I therefore uploaded the screenshots to my website and included the link in the Insert Image button.

Here are screenshots of the some of the new Lhupatech skins

LHUPATECH Schenectady SchenPad - HGWOOD (Wood Finish + Luminated Effect)

LHUPATECH Schenectady SchenPad - HGWOOD (Wood Finish + Solid Color)

LHUPATECH Schenectady SchenPad - WHITE (Luminated Effect)

LHUPATECH Schenectady SchenPad - WHITE (Solid Color)

Jukejohn, Dermbrian,

I got an idea! Did someone of you can upload something as a picture, a screenshot of your projects on the same uploading path as I used on your side? If you get the same error message, it results of a technical issue of the forum itself! On the other hand, if it uploads correctly without any issues, the problem is on my side and I will must find what it goes wrong!

Thanks of your collaboration!

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