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General Technical Support / Re: Annoying problem
« Last post by quakebo on July 14, 2018, 01:57:58 AM »
I have fixed it now by updating hyperspin. ;D
Your Jukebox Projects / Re: Jackies Jukebox
« Last post by BobBoring on July 12, 2018, 09:07:34 AM »
Hello BR,  Sorry for the late reply,  been on vacation.   Also thank you for the compliment on JBox

The physical overall size of the box is 59 inches tall 36 wide by 22 inches deep.  I think if a build a another one I would cut the depth to 20 inches deep.  This would then give you some spare wood veneer to work with as it was, I only had 4 square inches left out of a  4 foot by 8 foot veneer sheet. No room for errors.
As for the tubing I used, I ordered 1" I.D. ,1-1/4" O.D. inch Semi-clear High-pressure/Vacuum Polyethylene ( Part number 50375k59) from Mcmaster-Carr.  If you are planning on constructing a JBox  please post pics.  Love to see others.  Also happy to share arduine programing code for led tubs when you get that far, although I'm not a professional programing by trade. Its only a hobbie for me.  Also, I have some rough looking circuit diagrams I used and could try to post here if you need them.
Your Jukebox Projects / Re: Jackies Jukebox
« Last post by lord_kbzon on July 09, 2018, 02:06:57 PM »
Hi Bob,
congratulations for your design, is a really inspiration for me, do you have any detail about measurements of the cabinet that you can share, I am also interested on silicon tube that you use, do you have the sizes or any reference where I can find it?

Thanks a lot and congratulations once again.

General Technical Support / Re: remaping keys
« Last post by jukejohn on June 19, 2018, 04:13:01 AM »
thanks for reply

glad you are around to keep things ticking over

I found this about 10 years ago myself but over the years been involved with album based software
but since I got a load of vinyl rips I decided to use this software just finishing a nsm juke conversion
would have liked to post it on here when finished but looks like that's not possible

lets hope you can keep it going a little longer and chris gets involved again

General Technical Support / Re: remaping keys
« Last post by dermbrian on June 18, 2018, 08:50:31 PM »
I'm glad you got your issue worked out.  Yeah, it's very dead here.

Several years ago, Chris gave me limited moderator priviliges.  I still log on every few days and delete the robot spam posts like "I am the new guy" that you may see come and go.  I haven't heard from Chris in a very long time, and a few email messages that I've sent to him have gone unanswered.

Amazing things, to me:
1)  This forum still exists.  If you look closely, you'll see it was started in January of 2008....over 10 years ago. 
2)  The program still works.  Even under Windows 10.  It behave differently, but I am able to use touchscreen and non-touchscreen skins under Windows 10.  I never got around to buying a touchscreen Windows XP setup, which I gather would have been ideal, but I have been able to enjoy DWJukebox for a very, very, very long time.

In all honesty, I've gotten a lot of enjoyment and mental exercise in having this as a hobby for more than 10 years.  I have a tremendous mp3 collection that continues to grow occasionally if I run across a cool LP or CD at the thrift shop, or even *gasp* download something like the soundtrack to "The Greatest Showman". 

My main use of my mp3 collection (>16,000 tracks) is via my Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 phone and the Rocket Player app, using APT-X Bluetooth to any of 13 or so bluetooth devices in my house, in our cars, to headphones....   No device other than this program and Windows exists to simulate a jukebox, and I still like that way of playing music but I'm finding that I use it less and less.  I've designed some pretty cool skins and stretched the limits of the program, but maybe the end is here.

Chris, if you're out there....we'd love to hear your thoughts.   

The last post by Chris, the developer, was February 1, 2017.

General Technical Support / Re: remaping keys
« Last post by jukejohn on June 18, 2018, 04:33:16 AM »
sorted it

this message as only been viewed 9 times
it seems other then the odd skin and the dw app to download basically this sight is dead
most of the links for viewing and downloads are dead which I find a shame

I understand that we live in the days of streaming and a few other juke app sites are suffering due to this but that is aimed for the younger folk but im old school
messages I have put on here even though they are viewed never get a reply im sure there must be at least be a couple of dwjuke members that have looked at the messages not just mine but others and cant be bothered which is a shame  so if there's not any communication this will totally kill this sight

im quite a newby to dwjuke but if I can help I will reply not just view it

so if a few more members come out of the dark and start chatting would help reactivate this great app seems folk are willing to go on social media sights and chat freely about what they did last night or what there having for dinner but unable to talk on here

not expecting a reply to this as normal just thought I would have a rant about it
which I have and feel better for it lol
General Technical Support / remaping keys
« Last post by jukejohn on June 13, 2018, 08:33:29 AM »
can any one help me with remapping keys on a numeric keyboard

seems I can remap any numbers to another number and any letter to another letter

but when I remap a number to a letter dw does not see it

what am I doing wrong  ???
General Technical Support / Annoying problem
« Last post by quakebo on June 09, 2018, 04:01:20 AM »
I have this annoying problem.  I launch dwjukebox from hyperspin and it was all working great but now i play a song and after a few minutes it goes back to hyperspin but keeps playing songs.

If then press alt tab I can get back to dwjukebox for a few more minute's before the problem again.  It never used to do this.
Skin Creation Technical Support / colours title strips
« Last post by jukejohn on May 27, 2018, 05:37:38 AM »
does anybody have a mixed colours  title strip I can use

or how to set dw to display mixed colours
private message [pm]

I have sent you a message some days ago which should be fond in your messages tab
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