Author Topic: Playing DW Jukebox on Linux* (i-e ''Zorin 12,2'') with all functions!  (Read 617 times)


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Hi! friends!,

I come back to you with interesting news about playing DW Jukebox on Linux* (i-e ''Zorin 12,2'' OS)!

After fixed an old Dell* Latitude D630* laptop computer (that worked on Windows XP* which is no longer in use now) for a customer, I cleaned up all the HDD, and then, loaded the latest Zorin OS 12,2* on his machine with an extraordinary success, I decided to test DW Jukebox throughout Wine* (setted on Windows 10*) for the fun of it and it worked truly fine with all functions!

Then, I tested running DW Jukebox only by the DW Jukebox icon on the desktop as usual and it powered on normally without any problem, without using the Wine* tool (Perhaps Wine* loads automatically any Windows* apps ''in background'' on that Linux* distribution!) as a normal use on any Windows* OS except all other versions after Windows XP* (So, I think that it works also on Vista* and Seven* if we got lucky!)!...

So, I noticed that people on that forum experienced in the past many problems running DW Jukebox on Linux* and it's possible now to use it with Zorin 12,2*, whatever using Wine* or not, using the DW Jukebox app. icon as done on Windows*! Dowload Zorin 12,2* (available throughout or and try it!... It worths the shot!!!! - A dream come true!

Good luck Linux* enthousiasts that want to use DW Jukebox on Linux*!


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