Author Topic: Items & Hints that may help you with using DW jukebox  (Read 421 times)


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Items & Hints that may help you with using DW jukebox
« on: April 07, 2018, 10:06:09 PM »

Best sound quality & space usage for songs, seems to be 128 bps.  Using 96 bit will increase library capacity & reduce space, but not as good a sound if you have good hearing. Above 128 bitrate will sound better, but take up more space and most people usually cannot tell the difference.  Speaker quality can also make a big difference.

The DELETE key will stop & skip to next song, from that song playing.

"pg up" and "pg dn" keys will advance song selection screen (list), as same as Arrow Left & Right keys will also do).

If "2 key" sel;ection does not set song for next play, press ENTER afterward to set.

Juke box software will work on XP, Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10.

A 22 inch screen will display the "SBM100" skin almost exact same as an actual jukebox for both song title sections and control buttons.

Some setups & Touchscreens may require you to "Double-tap" the buttons to work.

Sound quality (& Equalizer) can be adjusted (prior to startup) using the WIN sound control features built in. (once set, will remain such until you change again)

Order of songs shown on screen, will key off the ARTIST name (within the song TAG), alphabetically.

Your song Library does not have to be in any order for display.  Build of library will auto sort when setting up your libray song list.  (note adding or deleting songs in your folder, will rquire a New Build after each change, or problems will result.)

Do not leave Key TAG fields Blank (such as Artist & Song Name) in your songs.  This will cause library not to work, hang up, or not Build correctly.

When setting up Song TAGS, ensure (for best result), that all TAGS are created & saved in the SAME format for whole library. Same goes for format of songs, such as MP3 or WAV etc.

Song library (size/quantity) is limited only to space available on your hard drive or storage location.

In most cases, your Mouse will NOT function when within the jukebox skins screen.

Special Effects & Sounds are available within the "Hound Dog" skin package.  (record start up, coins, mechanism, etc.

Sound is Best - when using good quality speakers attached to your computer or TV monitor. Computer speakers only, will disappoint you & not give a true jukebox feeling. (I use 80 watt speakers on mine)

Song (sound) may pause slightly sometimes when moving/changing Song List display rack

"B-Sides" of title tags will display BLANK if you do not have a 2nd song in your library by the same artist.  Requires 2 songs - "same exact artist spelling", to work correctly & display here. You cannot manually select or fill this space

If you have MULTIPLE SKINS loaded & setup (separately) within the DW Jukebox folder/directory, you should be able to easily change or skip to each SKIN using the "F9" or "F10" keys.  Can be done even when a current song is playing.

Use "num lock", if using the Keypad.  If off, numbers will not work.

A WIRELESS keyboard will work best, if you wish to select songs from your sofa or across the room.

Keep Song TITLES less than 36 characters for best display & fitting in the allotted space on your song title strips

Keep Artist Name under 32 characters for best fit in song strips.

Backup your program and song library often to ensure you can reload/use if such gets deleted or corrupted.

DW Jukebox is NOT a Smartphone APP. 

(hope some of these tips help)