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Visualization software
« on: August 09, 2018, 03:35:43 PM »
I recently discovered a Windows Store app called Kauna, designed for Windows 10.  It includes a lot of unique music visualizations and has an option for microphone input to sense the music.  My favorite option so far is "Bars 3D".  I keep wishing that developers add a "Color Organ" visualization, replicating that 1970's classic light box.  I made that suggestion to the developer in my review, and also asked that they add an option to stop spinning the Bars 3D visualization.  Why do they all have to be in motion or going through tunnels.....let the music frequencies and beat be represented more faithfully.

So....although DWJukebox does not play nice with other programs, a lot of us have an old laptop or tablet lying around that could be dedicated to running just the visualization software in a jukebox cabinet.

If you have any interest in the idea, you should check out that app in the Store.

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