Author Topic: RELEASED: PSvga12w widescreen (16:9) 12-photo skin  (Read 6572 times)


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RELEASED: PSvga12w widescreen (16:9) 12-photo skin
« on: September 29, 2011, 04:04:59 PM »
PSvga12w is finished.  It's for monitors that display a 16:9 aspect ratio image, which is pretty much the new standard, especially for all-in-one PC's.

Example:  1920 x 1080 mine.....


The introductory notes in the start of the PSvga12w.skn file are not accurate.  They're the notes from the original PSvga skin.  The following should be helpful information.

Images go in the following order if the jukebox is idle:

When you press a key, the photo displayed will change to some other photo.  It will glitch on further keypresses or system interruptions such as pre-song delay sounds starting or ending.  But those glitches seem like a minor trade-off to me in the long run.  I wish there was a way around them, but there doesn't seem to be.

You can modify signblank.jpg by placing your own text or graphics on it and then and re-save it as sign.jpg to customize the narrow sign at the top of the screen.
Alternately, you can create your own graphic element up there on the background itself.
If you don't want the sign, just comment out all lines associated with [ICON 2] in PSvga12w.skn.  You can open that with Notepad, if you didn't know that....

You can modify adblank.jpg with your own text or graphics and then resave a version ad0.jpg (for the 'off' image) and ad1.jpg (for the 'on' or song-playing image).
If you don't want the ad, just comment out all lines associated with [ICON 6] in PSvga12w.skn.

In jukebox.ini in the main dwjukebox folder, specify

  MonitorAspectRatio = 16:9

Replace the 12 .jpg's (pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg......pic12.jpg) with 12 of your own pictures.  They'll look much better than the blown up tiny .jpgs that I'm including here....

Don't have 12 pictures?  Then just put 12 copies of the same picture in the directory, replacing those as you come across images you like.

Your pictures need to be 4:3 aspect ratio, or they'll look squished or stretched.   I like to use a program called PhotoScape to crop my pictures to that aspect ratio.  In it's crop menu, just dropdown from 'Crop Freely' to see a list of all the aspect ratios available.  4:3 is the same as 3:4 on that menu, since the crop box will crop either vertical or horizontal, depending on how you drag the mouse.

That should be enough info to get you started if you want to try this out.  PM me or post questions here if you have any.

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