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Many people have asked why DWJukebox is free, and have asked about making a donation. Although I did briefly consider asking for a $15 registration fee at one time, I have used a great deal of free software to put together my MAME cabinet, and it was time for me to give back to the community.

However, as I have painfully become aware, MAME cabinets are an expensive hobby, and work on DWJukebox and providing technical support for it has extended into hundreds of hours. The ads on this site pay slightly less than half of the hosting costs. If you feel that the jukebox has been of value to you and would like to make a donation to help cover support and website costs and encourage future development and new features, I certainly won’t turn it down.

If you feel like you have found value in DWJukebox and would like to support its continued development, you can make a donation in any amount via PayPal using the button below. If everyone who used the jukebox donated a dollar, I could probably buy a new joystick… or at least a button. 😉

Thank you for considering making a donation!

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