The future of DWJukebox

It has been a few years since DWJukebox has last been updated.  It is not dead, but has definitely been in hibernation.

I’m at a point where adding most of the new features I want to add will require an overhaul of the entire system.  The underlying library that powers most of the jukebox, Allegro, was updated long ago with many new features but a completely new API and no DOS support.  So every single call to update graphics or sound needs to be written twice, once for DOS and once for Windows.  The library I use to parse MP3 tags has serious issues and is no longer being updated so I need a new one.  And proper touchscreen support for Windows versions past XP require the new Allegro.

I hate to even think of dropping DOS support; the only reason DWJukebox exists at all was because I needed a jukebox to run on DOS and there were no other decent alternatives. But for all I know there may be next to no one still using it.

There is a poll for which OS people are using in the forum; please take a moment to let me know what your preferred jukebox platform is.


Skin: Radiojuk

A beautiful widescreen skin based on an antique German radio.  Includes a startup sound of a German shortwave radio station.

Skin: PhotoSkin

A classic jukebox acts as a frame around a pair of alternating photos. The center photo display is designed to be replaced by your own favorite two photos, which will alternate once a minute; just copy your photos into the skin folder as pic1 and pic2. The sign at the top and the “dwjukebox” ad to the right of “Now Playing” can also be easily customized. With very little work you can have a fully customized jukebox, perfect for a wall-mounted unit.

Some sounds in this skin originated in the Hound Dog Sound Pack, although it is not necessary to download that package as the sounds are included in the skin.

NOTE: The 800×600 standard size that I use for screenshots does not do this skin justice. It is designed for (and looks great at) 1024×768 and above, but there is room on the titlestrips and displays to adjust the font sizes up a bit for lower resolutions.

Skin: SBM100

This classic skin is based off of the design of the Seeburg M-100 C; it includes a full set of touchscreen buttons.  It requires the Hound Dog Sound Pack.  You can see this excellent skin in action on a beautiful handmade jukebox cabinet in the forum.

Skin: WoodCab Box

This skin, originally based on Eric Bateman’s Neon Box layout, was modified by Bob of Pinball Nirvana.  It has some additional buttons added, including an on-screen Exit button which is a rarity among DWJukebox skins.

Skin: Neon Box

With 64 selections available at once, this high-density skin really works best at resolutions of 1024×768 and above, so my standard 800×600 screenshot really doesn’t do it justice.

Skin: Metal Box

A lost entry in Eric Bateman’s “Box” series.  I had attempted to upload this ages ago but the original file was corrupted.  I’ve located a good copy of it, so here it is, only a few years late!  The almost post-modern monochrome design really allows the album covers to “pop”.

Skin: Astral

Another skin I have been sitting on for far too long.  LHUPA designed this skin to use Futura Bold as the font, but unfortunately I do not have a redistributable version of that font.  If you have Futura I strongly recommend editing the Fonts section of the skin to use the designer’s planned font.  Astral’s background is a PNG file so it requires at least version 3.41 of DWJukebox.

Skin: LHUPATECH Schenectady

I’ve been sitting on this beautiful skin for some time now.  LHUPATECH specializes in high-resolution backgrounds with textures that really require a lossless presentation, and when this skin was first submitted to me it weighed in at 20 megabytes.  With DWJ 3.41’s ability to use PNG files I can finally present this skin to you.

This is actually a set of eight skins: four different lighting/color schemes, each with an English and French version.  They use some common image and sound files.  Add all four for your preferred language to you jukebox.ini and use the BTN_SKIN_PREV and BTN_SKIN_NEXT buttons to switch between them on the fly!