An unusual departure, this skin replicates the LCARS interface used on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Designed by Ben Johnson, I have taken the liberty of modifying the skin to add indicators for modes such as Radio, Loop, etc., plus used the new User Timers function to implement some “blinkies”. This skin requires version 3.4.1 or higher. NOTE: This skin uses graphics, sounds and a font from the LCARS Standards Development Board.

Skin: Wurly Numeric

This is a modification of Hound Dog’s wonderful Wurly skin, set up to use numeric input rather than alphanumeric. This makes it ideal for use with a media center PC attached to a 1080p HDTV (use aspect ratio 16:10 for best results) and controlled via a remote control. This wide-screen skin based on a Wurlitzer Classic 2100 jukebox. This skin requires sounds from the Hound Dog Sound Pack. Note that the filenames in this skin are not 8.3-safe and will need to be modified for DOS users.

DWJukebox 3.4 Released

DWJukebox 3.4 has been released.  This version includes discrete command buttons (On/Off commands as opposed to simple toggles) for most toggleable features for ease of use with remote controls.  In addition, a new User Timers feature has been added for skins; look for upcoming blog articles to describe how this new feature works.  In addition, new page change animations are available, and animation in general has been improved and is less likely to cause song stutters.  Finally, PNG is now supported in both skins and the Slide Show screensaver.

Here is the full changelist for 3.4:

  • Added User Timers feature for skins.
  • Added support for PNG files in skins.
  • Added support for PNG and BMP files to slideshow screensaver.
  • Added SlideInHorizontal, SlideOutHorizontal, SlideOverHorizontal, FlipHorizontal, RotateHorizontal, SlideVertical, SlideInVertical, SlideOutVertical, SlideOverVertical, FlipVertical, and RotateVertical animations.
  • Added SlideShowMaxImageSize to [ScreenSaver] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added DisplayOutputFile to [Settings] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added AnimationAcceleration to [Display] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added page change animations to vertical orientations.
  • Added additional song polls in animation process to make song play smoother during animations.
  • Added a CMD message for every BTN message.
  • Added MSG_SONGSELECTED when a song is selected by any user action rather than by radio mode or the play stimulator.
  • Added MSG_START_SKIN when a new skin is loaded.
  • Added LimitSkipLastToMostRecent setting to the [Settings] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Changed MSG_START_SKIN to be the default icon action.
  • Changed default animation speed from 30 to 20 (making page change animations 33% faster).
  • Changed BTN_COMINGUPSCROLL to loop back to the first page after going past the last page.
  • Changed condensed font to left-align rather than center if the text is too large for the titlestrip.
  • Fixed animation smoothness issues for album skins.
  • Fixed song skip during a screen shot.

As usual, the latest version is available at the download page.

Skin: ZenBox – Orange Backlight

Inspired by a Zenith console TV cabinet, this skin really must be appreciated in all its high-resolution glory. The small screenshots I use really do not do it justice. It is available in three different types of lighting; this version uses an orange backlight.

Skin: ZenBox – Red Backlight

Inspired by a Zenith console TV cabinet, this skin really must be appreciated in all its high-resolution glory. The small screenshots I use really do not do it justice. It is available in three different types of lighting; this version uses a red backlight.

Skin: ZenBox – Natural Light

Inspired by a Zenith console TV cabinet, this skin really must be appreciated in all its high-resolution glory. The small screenshots I use really do not do it justice. It is available in three different types of lighting; this is the daylight version.

DWJukebox 3.3.2 Released

DWJukebox 3.3.2 has been released after a far-too-long delay. The changes in this version are:

  • Added BTN_COMINGUPSCROLL to page through the Coming Up list.
  • Added RunawayLimiter to [Index] section of JUKEBOX.INI
  • Added ignore file support. Any folder containing a “dwj.ign” or “dwjukebox.ign” file will be ignored when searching for songs. The actual content of the file is irrelevant.
  • Added messages to the log file when a folder is ignored due to being below the maximum search depth.
  • Added a STRETCH option for MonitorAspectRatio.
  • Added ScreenSaverRandom to [ScreenSaver] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Changed MonitorAspectRatio to support either true ratios (4:3, etc.) or decimal equivalents.
  • Fixed a display big with single titlestrips where the Artist would appear too lo when the condensed font was used for the title.

See the download page to get the latest version.

Life and Other Delays

Once again I find myself in the position of apologizing for a long absence.

As I am sure most of you know, DWJukebox is made available for free. Part of this is due to the fact that I want it to be; I want to give back to the community that I have taken so much from. I have been working on this project over seven years now, and it really has become a labor of love.

Part of this, however, is due to patent restrictions on the MP3 format which prevent any commercial use. So even if I wanted to, I could not make a commercial endeavor of this as long as I insist on continuing to support DOS. With Windows, I could use Media Player as the “engine” which actually plays the music and get around such licensing issues. But until I decide to do something like that this remains strictly a hobby.

Earlier this year I was laid off from my job, and due to a very unfortnate Non-Compete agreement I have been unable to find another. Thus, all of my time has been going into trying to work on projects that will help feed my family. This is why I have been able to pay so little attention to support and upgrades lately.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I have not abandoned DWJukebox, just been forced to slow down. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

DWJukebox 3.3.1 Released

DWJukebox 3.3.1 has been released. This is just a bugfix release.  The changes in this version are:

  • Changed skin change to remember the page that skin was last on.
  • Fixed autoflip during screen saver.
  • Fixed GUI movement on album skins.
  • Fixed NEXTALPHA/PREVALPHA and alpha jumps.
  • Fixed crashes related to Display5 (Album cover display).
  • Fixed alpha jumps when sorting by album.

See the download page to get the latest version.

DWJukebox 3.3 Released

DWJukebox 3.3 has been released; you can get it from the DWJukebox Download Page.

This version adds three new screensaver options including the much-requested Slideshow, a display for the album cover of the currently playing song, a transparent titlestrip option, a new skin with art by Game Creature, and more.  This version should also be more friendly to running as the Windows shell; no more having to copy jukebox files to the root.

There is also an experimental feature for LCD Smartie users; the contents of the Now Playing display are dumped to a file called display.txt in the jukebox’s program folder.  It’s not perfect, as the display will glitch briefly if LCD Smartie reads it at the same moment it’s being updated, but it will be replaced by better LCD support in the next version.

There is also a new feature that will allow the Windows screensaver to run.  This isn’t perfect as the sound is likely to glitch coming out of the screensaver, but it allows use of the excellent GEISS screensaver.

Another big change for joystick users is that moving off the side of the page causes the screen to scroll; this should make joystick navigation much easier!

Here is the full change list:

  • Added slideshow screensaver.
  • Added the Windows screensaver, which activates the current default Windows screensaver.
  • Added ScreenSaver, SlideShowPath, and SlideShowInterval to [ScreenSaver] section of jukebox.ini.
  • Added CPUUsage setting to [Settings] section in jukebox.ini to control how much CPU priority the jukebox gets.
  • Added ShowKeys to [Controls] section to show what keys are being pressed.
  • Added [Display5] which displays the cover art of the song that is playing.
  • Added Transparent as a color option for titlestrips, which overrides the titlestrip image file.
  • Added AUTO as a setting for ColorDepth, Width, and Height in [Display] section of JUKEBOX.INI.
  • Added a chdir to the executable directory to allow the jukebox to run as the Windows shell and increase compatibility with front end software.
  • Added a dump of Display1 to a file called display.txt for use with LCD Smartie
  • Added skin gcretro.skn.
  • Added an album display to cd4-1.skn.
  • Changed GUI navigation to change pages when scrolling off the screen to left or right.
  • Changed focus line indent on classic-style song titlestrips.
  • Changed default value for [DisplayX] Enabled to False.
  • Changed default mappings in CONTROLS.INI.
  • Synchronized page change button repeats with page change animation
  • Fixed problems with slow and corrupted screenshots.
  • Fixed song stuttering on page changes.
  • Fixed page change accelleration.
  • Fixed page change animation when using mouse.
  • Fixed page change messages stacking up in the message queue.
  • Fixed BTN_NEXTALPHA and BTN_PREVALPHA to go to the first page with a new artist letter, not the first full page.
  • Fixed BTN_NEXTALPHA and BTN_PREVALPHA behavior when going through a Various Artists section.
  • Optimized calls to song poll function.