Skin: PhotoSkin

Screenshot for Skin: PhotoSkin

Designer: Brian Dermody

Type: Singles

A classic jukebox acts as a frame around a pair of alternating photos. The center photo display is designed to be replaced by your own favorite two photos, which will alternate once a minute; just copy your photos into the skin folder as pic1 and pic2. The sign at the top and the “dwjukebox” ad to the right of “Now Playing” can also be easily customized. With very little work you can have a fully customized jukebox, perfect for a wall-mounted unit.

Some sounds in this skin originated in the Hound Dog Sound Pack, although it is not necessary to download that package as the sounds are included in the skin.

NOTE: The 800×600 standard size that I use for screenshots does not do this skin justice. It is designed for (and looks great at) 1024×768 and above, but there is room on the titlestrips and displays to adjust the font sizes up a bit for lower resolutions.